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Univera POS
Univera POS
A point-of-service plan that offers the best of managed care and indemnity coverage
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Variety of options.
Offers a variety of affordable copay options. Employers can choose from $10, $15, $20 or $25 office visit copay options and various other benefits including options for lower copays when obtaining services at a Lifetime Health Center.

Click here to view sample benefit summaries Option D - Option E - Option F - $10/$20 copay - $15/$25 copay.

Flexible for you.
With Univera Healthcare's POS plan, you get access to nearly every doctor in our area - 93 percent, actually. Plus access to all Western New York hospitals and major pharmacy chains. Members are also covered for checkups, immunizations, and prenatal care. All with a range of copay options to fit your budget.

And we're there for members on vacation, too through UniveraAccess. Wherever they go. Univera covers emergency care when people are away from home and offers more than 57,000 pharmacies nationwide to choose from.

While most health care plans offer comprehensive coverage, many restrict your freedom to choose the doctor or hospital you want. With UniveraAccess, you have two options when receiving care.

  • In Network is the way you're accustomed to getting care. You see a participating provider, file no paperwork and pay a copayment.
  • Out-of-Network lets you see a specialist who is not part of the Univera Healthcare network. You will need to file claim forms, pay coinsurance and a deductible. If the provider charges more than the fees outlined in our WNY schedule of allowances, you would pay the difference.

Copay? No way.
Every kid gets the sniffles. And most get a dose of medicine from time to time. But if they're 18 and under, there's no copay for many of the services provided to kids.* This includes:

  • primary and specialty office visits
  • routine physicals
  • lab and x-ray services
  • outpatient surgery in a physician's office
  • routine eye exam (one per calendar year)
  • medically necessary eye care
  • chiropractic care
  • allergy testing and treatment
  • hearing exam
  • home health care
  • diabetic supplies and equipment, insulin
  • outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • outpatient mental health

*copays will apply to ambulatory surgery facilities, outpatient alcoholism and substance abuse services, inpatient hospital and emergency room, consistent with your subscriber agreement. Copays will apply for benefits received under UniveraAccess.

Cool perks, too.
Some nice extras that will enrich and simplify your lives. Discounts on Lasik eye surgery, massage therapy, and acupuncture. We'll even give substantial discounts on vision and dental care. We also make it easier for people to live life to the fullest - with Member Rewards that include discounts on everything from fitness facilities to safety products and vitamins.

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