Medicare Plans for Business

We offer a variety of plans for your retirees and employees working past 65 - complete with comprehensive benefits, a vast network of providers and Medicare-dedicated customer service representatives.

Plans for your employees’ health and peace of mind:

Group Plan Offerings Plan Highlights
Medicare Advantage Plans Fully insured community rated HMO-POS or PPO plans
  • Comprehensive benefits above and beyond Original Medicare
  • Choose with or without Medicare prescription drug coverage
  • $0 copay for many Medicare-covered preventive services
  • Out-of-pocket maximum with no lifetime limit
  • Broad provider network for both HMO and PPO plans, plus worldwide urgent and emergency care
  • Disease & case management programs
  • Annual membership to a fitness facility and Home Fitness Kits
  • Hearing exam and hearing aid benefits
  • 24/7 access to care through telehealth
Part D Prescription Drug Plans Prescription drug coverage with low copayments and low monthly premiums. Members choose from a nationwide network of participating pharmacies.
Medicare Supplement Plans Covers out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Medicare Part A or B.

We also offer non-Medicare Part D drug coverage options that are creditable (as good or better than the standard Part D benefit). Learn more about Creditable Coverage from CMS.


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