Plans for Midsize and Large Businesses

Coverage that's right for your business and your employees

Plan on More for Your Business

We offer an array of plans to meet the needs of your business and your employees. Our plans feature:

  • Fitness incentive programs
  • Consumer-driven health care options that can reduce costs and put your employees in control
  • Pharmacy benefits management
  • Dental and vision
  • Client consulting

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Help Employees Get the Most Out of their Plan

We offer a wealth of tools and resources to help your employees take advantage of the great programs available with their plan. Here you'll find brochures, posters, online tours and more.

Wellness Your Way

Dental Rewards

Active Rewards®

Univera Fit Dollars


Univera HealthyU - Health Awareness and Preventive Care Program

24/7 Nurse Call Line

Quit For Life™ Smoking Cessation

Urgent Care

Access to Top-Quality Care

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a health plan. But access to care might be the most important.

With Univera Healthcare, your employees will have access to more top-quality doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, both locally and nationwide. This means that you can keep the doctors you know and trust.

The Benefits of Integrating Pharmacy with Medical

When your health plan and prescription plan are managed together, they both work better.

Better Care for Patients

Integrated medical and pharmacy benefits improve patient safety and disease management, which leads to a reduction in health care costs for you and your employees.

  • Other Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) may say they offer integration, but it’s often just a claims file upload – it’s not real-time, so they can’t conduct safety checks. It’s simply data integration, not care integration.
  • With Univera Healthcare, our pharmacists see every medication that an employee is taking – under both the medical and pharmacy benefits.
  • To ensure there are no potential interactions, our systems provide real-time review across the medical and pharmacy environments.
  • With true medical and pharmacy benefit integration, you’ll keep your family and your employees safe from unexpected drug interactions.

Savings for Employers

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma and depression result in 75% of overall health care costs. Because the primary mode of treatment for these conditions is medication, the integration of pharmacy and medical care is critical to increased safety and lower costs.

Our pharmacists frequently consult with member care management, in real time, while the patient is on the phone. This can’t happen in a carve-out PBM relationship.

Which type of plan is right for you or your business?

Our dental plans are designed to ensure you receive regular preventive care with little or no cost to you.
We also provide comprehensive coverage should you need more extensive dental care.

Product Price Range Plan Designs Network
Univera Dental Select Open a PDF $ PPO
Choose from a broad range of cost-sharing options for both in-network and out-of-network services.
  • Access to participating dentists who agree to perform services at pre-determined rates and will submit claims for you. You'll usually pay less for services when you visit a network dentist.
  • You may see non-participating dentists, but will usually pay more since they can bill you for the difference between our allowed amount and their charges.
Univera Dental Traditions Open a PDF * $$ Traditional indemnity
Several cost-sharing options available.
  • No network - freedom to see any dentist.
  • Reimbursement is based on the 90th percentile of average market rates.
* Not available in the Rochester region

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Employer & Benefit Administrator Tools:

Worksite Wellness

Our staff can come to your worksite to provide health screenings or educational programs for your employees.

Medicare Solutions

We can help you with Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Supplement Plans.