Component Title: Compare Plans

Compare Plans

Find the right medical and dental insurance coverage for you. Choose from individual and family plans including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You may now be eligible for free or low-cost New York State-sponsored plans or qualify to receive higher tax credits to reduce your monthly premium under the American Rescue Plan.

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Component Title: When to Enroll

When to Enroll

If you are buying an Individual or Family plan directly from an insurance company or from the NY State of Health Marketplace, there are set dates where you can buy or change your insurance. This is called the Open Enrollment Period. You may also be eligible to apply during a Special Enrollment Period if you experience certain life events.

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Component Title: What is Covered?

What is Covered?

Our Qualified Health Plans include prescription drug coverage and home delivery, telemedicine, free preventive care, dental and vision coverage for children, and access to 100% of hospitals and 98% of doctors in our area.

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Component Title: Managing Prescriptions

Managing Prescriptions

Our plans offer extensive prescription drug coverage, including home delivery. Members also have access to licensed clinical pharmacists who are available to answer medication-related questions. The cost of prescription drugs varies by plan. Find out which drugs are covered and how much they cost.

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Component Title: Get Help Paying

Get Help Paying

Good news! Under the American Rescue Plan, expanded tax credits are still available to New Yorkers who buy a health plan through NY State of Health. These credits were extended to 2025 under the Inflation Reduction Act. Individuals can access higher tax credits, reducing their monthly premiums. This includes many higher-income New Yorkers who did not previously qualify.

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