Medicare Plans for Retirees

We offer a variety of plans for your retirees with comprehensive benefits, a vast network of providers and Medicare-dedicated customer service representatives. Learn more about eligibility, enrollment, billing and more with our Medicare Group Administrative Manual.

Find Solutions for Your Retirees

Group Plan Offerings Plan Highlights
Medicare Advantage Plans Fully insured community rated HMO-POS (available in Rochester) or PPO plans (available in all regions)
  • Choose with or without Medicare prescription drug coverage
  • Comprehensive benefits above and beyond Original Medicare
  • $0 copay for many Medicare-covered preventive services
  • Out-of-pocket maximum with no lifetime limit
  • Annual membership to a fitness facility
  • Disease & case management programs
Part D Prescription Drug Plans Prescriptions drug coverage with low copayments and low monthly premiums. Members choose from a nationwide network of participating pharmacies.
Medicare Supplement Plans Covers out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Medicare Part A or B.

We also offer non-Medicare Part D drug coverage options that are creditable (as good or better than the standard Part D benefit). Follow this link to learn about Creditable Coverage from CMS.