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Standing Devices and Gait Trainers, Stander Open a PDF 1.01.46 2021-03-22 Durable Medical Equipment & Supplies
Nutritional Therapy Open a PDF 8.01.18 2021-03-22 Food (Nutrition)
Treatment of Gambling Disorder and Other Repetitive Behaviors Open a PDF 3.01.19 2021-03-22 Behavioral Health (Psychiatry/Psychology)
Experimental or Investigational Services Open a PDF 11.01.03 2021-03-22 Miscellaneous
Dynamic Adjustable Braces/Joint Extension Device (e.g., Dynasplint™, EMPI Advance™, LMB Proglide™, Ultraflex™ Open a PDF 1.01.35 2021-03-22 Bone & Joints (Orthopedic)
Behavioral Health Treatment of Family and Couples (Couples Therapy, Family Therapy) Open a PDF 3.01.05 2021-03-22 Behavioral Health (Psychiatry/Psychology)
Home and Community Oxygen Therapy: Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT), High Altitude Stimulation Test (HAST), Oxygen Concentrator, Portable Oxygen Policy Open a PDF 1.01.05 2021-03-21 Home Care
Treatment of Tinnitus: Habituation Therapy, Jastreboff Method, Masking, Retraining Therapy Open a PDF 8.01.07 2021-03-16 Ear, Nose & Throat (Otorhinolaryngology)
Plugs for Fistula Repair Open a PDF 7.01.86 2021-03-16 Digestive System (Gastroenterology)
Plasmapheresis, Plasma Exchange and Apheresis, Rheopheresis Open a PDF 8.01.04 2021-03-16 Blood Disorders (Hematology)
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for Malignant Disease (Photofrin, Porfimer Sodium) Open a PDF 8.01.06 2021-03-16 Cancer Treatment (Oncology)
Magnetic Esophageal Ring for the Treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD): Esophageal Sphincter Device, LINX™ System, Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation Open a PDF 7.01.89 2021-03-16 Digestive System (Gastroenterology)
Deep Brain Stimulation Open a PDF 7.01.23 2021-03-16 Nervous Systems (Neurology)
Angioplasty of Intracranial Atherosclerotic Stenoses with or without Stenting (e.g., Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty, Neurolink® System, Wingspan™ Stent) Open a PDF 7.01.70 2021-03-16 Nervous Systems (Neurology)
Allergy Testing (Allergen Specific IgE, Allergen Specific IgG, Challenge, Cytotoxic, Dipstick, Disk, Intracutaneous, Intradermal, Leukocyte Histamine Release, Mucous Membrane, Paddle, Patch, Percutaneous, Phadiatop, Prick, Provocation-Neutralization, RAST, Rinkel, Scratch, Serial Endpoint Titration, Skin End Point Titration, Skin) Open a PDF 2.01.10 2021-03-16 Ear, Nose & Throat (Otorhinolaryngology)
Computerized Motion Diagnostic Imaging (CMDI), Gait Analysis Open a PDF 2.01.13 2021-02-16 Bone & Joints (Orthopedic)
Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) Open a PDF 6.01.40 2021-02-16 Lungs (Respiratory)
Measurement of Exhaled Markers of Airway Inflammation in Patients with Asthma: Exhaled Breath Condensate, Exhaled Nitric Oxide, Nioxx Open a PDF 2.01.41 2021-02-16 Lungs (Respiratory)
Gastric Electrical Stimulation and Gastric Pacing Open a PDF 7.01.64 2021-02-16 Digestive System (Gastroenterology)
Showing 241– 260 of 282 Results
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