Once a year, a Consumer Assessment and Health Provider Systems (CAHPS) member experience survey is sent to randomly selected members of our health plan to learn more about their healthcare experience. Results from survey help us improve the plan and your benefits.

Why should I participate?

If you receive a survey, we hope you will consider completing it. Since not everyone will receive the survey, your opinion could serve as feedback for thousands of members just like you. We truly value your time and perspective.

When and how will the survey arrive?

Randomly selected members will receive the survey in the mail from Press Ganey, our survey partner that helps us gather your confidential responses. Surveys are sent throughout the year. Some participating members who are interested may also receive a phone call during the survey period.

What types of questions will be asked?

You will be asked a variety of questions about your health care over the last six months, including questions about your primary care provider or specialty providers, your experience with your health plan, your drug plan, and some questions about you. Some sample survey questions are included below. Your answers are appreciated and will remain anonymous.

Sample Survey Questions

  • How would you rate your drug plan?
  • How often did you get an appointment to see a specialist as soon as you needed?
  • Did you receive necessary care as soon as needed?

Survey Tips

  • Focus on your overall experience with our plan, not just on your most recent healthcare visit.
  • It's okay to skip questions if they don't apply to you.
  • Carefully consider the way each question is phrased.


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