Privacy FAQ

PHI is any information that can identify you as an individual and your past, present or future physical or mental health condition.

If not releasing the information would put your health in danger, we are permitted to release it to those who need to know it. In this case, we will not release more information than necessary.

Yes, your dependent must complete a form that will authorize us to release PHI to you.

We will need authorization from your parent to release PHI to you.

Yes. Privacy laws prohibit us from releasing information to anyone, other than the individual or provider (for payment, treatment or healthcare operations) unless there is a signed authorization on file from the individual.

A Power of Attorney is valid to allow us to release PHI only if it specifies that medical information can be released.

We may disclose PHI in response to a court order, subpoena, discovery request, or other lawful process.

Univera Healthcare’s authorization form only authorizes Univera Healthcare to release information to the person(s) listed. If you want to authorize your provider to speak to someone on your behalf, you will need to contact the provider directly.

There are different expiration selections you can choose on the authorization form.

We can accept a power of attorney, however, it must specifically include that you have access to his or her medical information.

Your dependent can complete the authorization form online if they have access to the web. Or If you have a power of attorney indicating that you have access to your dependent's medical information, we will be able to release your dependent's protected health information to you.


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