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We offer many documents online as a convenience for our members. It’s simple. Login anytime to update your paperless settings. When you opt in for digital delivery, you will get email notifications when document(s) are available to view.

Follow these easy steps to sign up

  1. Log In to your online account.
  2. Select Paperless Settings .
  3. Log In to your online account.
  4. Select Paperless Settings .
  5. Log In to your online account.
  6. Select Paperless Settings .
  7. Select Online for all statements and documents that you would like to receive paperless and Mail for any documents you do not.
  8. You can specify delivery method by category or document name.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can opt in to receive email notifications when your member statements and documents are available to view in your online account instead of receiving them in the mail. You can opt to receive all available documents online or pick and choose which you’d like to still receive in the mail.

The paperless documents currently available are: Monthly Health Summary, Prescription Drug Summary, Health Screening Reminder, Understanding & Managing Your Condition, Preventing & Managing Conditions Newsletter, Annual Health & Wellness Guide, 1095-B Tax Form, and Rates Notices.

Not all documents are available for all plan types and new documents will be continually added to the paperless option; you can update your preferences at any time.

No. This only applies to statements and documents you already receive today. If you have already opted to receive email newsletters or other email communications from us, you will continue to receive those as well unless you unsubscribe.

No. For security reasons and protection of personal information, we need to ensure that only one individual can access and receive information from an online account. Therefore, email address must be unique to the individual. An email address cannot be shared between multiple online accounts.

Numerous vendors supply free email addresses if you require one to setup an online account for yourself or one of your dependents. Documents of dependents will be available to view in the subscriber account, but you will not receive an email notification when new documents are viewable unless you setup a separate online account for that dependent.

Some documents that do not contain any personally identifiable or health information are available without logging in. For your safety, all documents and statements that contain any personal information require you to log in with your username and password in order to access them.

The link in your paperless email notification will send you directly to the member document center once you provide your log in credentials. These communications are stored in Statements & Documents under Your Account. Select the link for the communication you would like to view under Statement & Document Name. Please allow a few moments for the document to load in a new window.

You are solely responsible for the proper use and storage of the log in credentials for your online account. No one can access your online account without your username and password.

You can log into your online account at any time to update your preferences back to mail delivery. Additionally, every email notification that you receive for a paperless statement will contain a link to unsubscribe from this communication if you would no longer like to receive it.

You can access your online account from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You may experience issues viewing documents on a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties logging in to your online account or setting up / changing your paperless preferences, please contact the Web Help Desk at 1-800-278-1247 or via our web formweb form.


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