A. Yes

With our Medicare Supplement Plans you are free to see any doctor you prefer that participates with Medicare. Plus, you never need permission from one doctor to see another, including specialists. That means no referrals.

A. Yes

Yes. Your coverage goes wherever you go, anywhere in the United States, so you can rest easy.

A. With both of these plans, you enjoy the same benefits, including more comprehensive medical coverage than basic plans, plus emergency coverage for foreign travel. 

  • Plan G+ has a significantly lower monthly premium but you must meet a $2,800 deductible before benefit coverage begins.
  • Plan G benefit coverage begins after meeting the $240 Part B deductible.

A. Medicare Supplement Plans offer the security of knowing your out-of-pocket costs for Medicare-covered services will be minimal.

With some plans, there are no out-of-pocket costs at all for Medicare-covered services, other than your monthly premium.

A. For each covered health care provider office visit (including visits to medical specialists), you pay no more than $20 or the Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment, whichever is less.

For each covered emergency room visit you pay no more than $50 or the Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment, whichever is less.

The emergency room copayment is waived if you are admitted to any hospital.

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