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Electronic Payment & Remittances

We are pleased to offer PaySpan Health - a solution that delivers Electronic Payments (EFTs), Remittance Advice (ERA) and much more - as a free service to our participating providers.

To register for this great service, visit www.payspanhealth.com. You will need a valid email address to use this service.

Valuable benefits of PaySpan Health include:

  • Reduced accounting expenses - Import electronic remittance advice from the Web directly into Practice Management or Patient Accounting Systems, eliminating the need for manual re-keying.
  • Improved cash flow - Electronic payments can mean faster payments, leading to improved cash flow. Upon enrollment, paper checks will be discontinued.
  • Control over bank accounts - Maintain total control over the destination of claim payment funds. Multiple practices and accounts are supported.
  • Prompt match of payments to remit advice - Immediately associate electronic payments with electronic remittance advice. View remittance advice online and print it at your convenience.
  • Increased reporting functionality - Ability to create functional reports that support your internal needs.
  • Manage multiple Payers - Reuse enrollment information to connect with multiple Payers. Assign different Payers to different bank accounts, as desired.
  • Reduction in paper - Upon enrollment, paper checks will be discontinued, beginning with the next pay cycle and paper remittances received by your office will be discontinued four weeks after enrollment with electronic funds transfer.


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