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Forgotten Funds Information

Every year, the state requires insurers like Univera Healthcare to make a list of unclaimed checks that are three years old. The names are then placed in advertisements in local papers in an attempt to find the people who have money to claim. If the property is not claimed by the end of August, the money is then turned over to the Comptroller of the State of New York.

This is money that was paid for claims or refunded premiums. It rightfully belongs to our members or providers and we want to make sure they have one more chance to claim it. Checks may not have been cashed for a number of reasons. The customer may have moved and not left a forwarding address, may have died, or simply forgot about the money.

If you think you may have a check to claim, follow these links:
  • If you found the name you entered on the searchable database above, to claim a check prior to August 31, do one of the following steps:
    1. Via e-mail, contact Customer Services or Provider Services
    2. By phone:
      • If you are currently a health plan member, please call the phone number on your member identification card.
      • If you are no longer a health plan member, or if you are calling on behalf of the estate of a family member, call Univera Healthcare: 1 (877) 242-9464.
  • To claim a check after September, contact the NYS Comptroller's office directly at 1-800-221-9311 (within New York State) or 1-518-474-4038 (outside New York) or write to:
    Office of the State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli
    Office of Unclaimed Funds
    110 State Street
    Albany, New York 12236
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