Mission, Vision and Principles

Our mission is to improve the health of our members and communities served by:

  • Providing access to affordable, effective health care services, including long term care services
  • Being responsible stewards of our communities' health care premiums and health care resources
  • Seeking ways to continually improve the health and health care of the residents of the communities we serve.

The vision we share with our parent company is to be:

  • The preeminent financier of health care services in New York State,
  • An innovative direct provider of efficient and effective care, and
  • A nationally recognized and sought-after provider of long-term care insurance.

In a dramatically changing environment there are three principles we embrace as timeless guides for both strategic and operating decisions.

  • First, we exist to assure, in the communities we serve, that as many people as possible have affordable, dignified access to needed, effective health care services, including long-term care services.
  • Second, we recognize the need, and our responsibility, to reach out to all segments of the communities we serve, particularly the poor and the aged and others who are underserved, to enhance quality of life, including health status.
  • Third, we are committed to being a not-for-profit health insurer.