Board of Directors (Governing Board)

Thomas E. Rattmann - Chairman
Marianne W. Gaige - Vice Chairman
Alfred D. Matt - Vice Chairman
Christopher C. Booth - CEO
Jennifer C. Balbach
William H. Goodrich
Thomas A. Hildebrandt
Dennis P. Kessler, Esq.
Patrick A. Mannion
Faheem A. Masood
Tyrone E. Muse, II
David J. Nasca
Louis J. Papa, M.D.
Maryann Roefaro
Robert M. Simpson
Judith V. Sweet
David A. Young, Jr.

Univera Healthcare Regional Advisory Board Members

Jennifer C. Balbach - Chairman
David J. Nasca - Vice Chairman
William S. Cleary
Michael K. Deely
Horace A. Gioia
JoAnne A. Hudecki
Frederick J. Mertz
Louis Panzica
Andrew C. Stoeckl, M.D.
Melva D. Visher

Business addresses of our board members are available by contacting Member Services.