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Motivate Your Employees with Our Worksite Wellness Programs
Motivate Your Employees with Our Worksite Wellness Programs

Our worksite wellness programs are designed to motivate your employees to become more knowledgeable health care consumers. Our health and wellness staff offer health screenings and educational support to promote healthy lifestyles right at your worksite. Contact your Sales Consultant or Broker to get started.

Preventive Health Screenings

All health screening participants will receive education materials and feedback about their results and what - if any - follow-up actions need to be taken. Univera Healthcare members will also be connected to our health and medical programs and services. Minimums apply. We can provide the following preventive health screenings:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Lipid Profile

Health Education Programs

Health education programs are available, covering a wide selection of health topics. Univera Healthcare offers these topics in both one-hour and web based formats. Minimums apply for on-site formats.


Dining for Health and Enjoyment - Many employees feel if it tastes good it can’t be good for you. This program discusses how taste and nutrition can happily coexist whether you are the cook or you are eating out. Tips for navigating the grocery store and dining at restaurants are also provided.

Label Me Healthy: Your Guide to Reading Food Labels - Healthy eating begins with understanding what is in your food. Individuals attending this program will get the facts on reading labels and deciphering ingredient lists. This program will emphasize "read it before you buy it" and help your employees learn how to make good food choices at the grocery store.

Nutrition: Good Eating Guide - The science of nutrition is constantly evolving and can be confusing to your employees. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans explain the latest on what it means to eat healthy in practical terms.

Healthy Eating on the Run - Did you know that at 4:00 pm, 3/4 of Americans have no idea what they’ll have for dinner? This program teaches people how to not fit that statistic! Help your employees struggling with combining nutritious eating and a fast paced lifestyle. One of our most popular programs, it explores meal planning, packing a survival kit and more.

Physical Activity

Move More, Feel Better - Every little bit of physical activity counts! Overcome those barriers, get motivated, and start moving! This workshop discusses the benefits and importance of physical activity. Participants will be taught tips and tools to incorporate physical activity into their everyday, busy lives.

Disease Prevention and Risk Management

Control What You Can: Cancer Risk Reduction - Be aware of what you can’t control and control what you can. That’s the positive approach this risk management program takes. Individuals will be encouraged to practice a healthy lifestyle and follow recommended screening guidelines.

Know Your Numbers - The perfect program for before or after a preventive health screening. The importance of know- ing blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose numbers is reviewed. Emphasis is placed on taking action to prevent chronic disease through managing risks.

Your Role in Diabetes Management - In the most recent data survey completed by the American Diabetes Association, 1.6 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed in people 20+ years of age each year. The intention of this presentation is to provide information and guidelines about prevention and treatment for people at risk or diagnosed with diabetes as well as those with loved ones who have diabetes.

General Wellness

Be Stressed Less - Did you know that 25% of workers view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives? In addition, experts estimate that 80% of all diseases may actually be stress-related. Employees will learn how to live and manage their stress, not run from it. Techniques and skills to manage life’s inevitable stressors and combating the effects of stress will be addressed in this relevant presentation.

Breathe Easy - Allergies affect millions of Americans and their quality of life. They can also impact employees through reduced work productivity. Help your employees better understand how to identify allergies and take control of their symptoms by offering this program.

Snort, Sniffle, Sneeze…No Antibiotics Please - Looking for a fall or winter program? Maybe before flu shots? This program will educate your employees on how to differentiate between the flu and a cold in addition to prevention and treatment.

Men's Wellness: Tune Up For Life - Need a program geared toward men? Look no further. This session will help men (or women taking care of men) to better understand issues pertinent to them. Participants will learn ways to live a healthier life through managing risks and preventing illness and disease.

Women's Wellness: All About You! - Women tend to care for others at the risk of neglecting themselves. Achieve balance and better health by learning more about women's health issues. Topics covered include heart health, osteoporosis, stress management, preventive health guidelines, steps to leading a healthier lifestyle and much more.

Weight Management

Why Weight? 7 Strategies for Managing Weight - Two-thirds of the American population is not managing their weight effectively. Individuals attending this session will learn 7 simple strategies that can be incorporated immediately into their life to help manage their weight for good. So Why Weight? Offer this program today!

Other Services

  • Save Money on Your Prescriptions - Employees will learn simple steps to save money on prescription medica- tions. Taught by an FLRx Pharmacy Service Consultant. Group must have pharmacy benefit through Univera Healthcare in order to qualify for the program.
  • Community Conversations on Compassionate Care - This program aims to motivate healthy individuals to complete an advance care directive (i.e. Health Care Proxy) by following the Five Easy Steps. For further information, go to www.CompassionAndSupport.org.
  • Chair Massage - Conducted by a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) this service improves circulation and provides relaxation.
  • Flu Shots - Receive a vaccination against what are anticipated to be the most common strains of the flu for the upcoming season. Contact your Sales Consultant to obtain information on scheduling an on-site flu shot clinic through an approved vendor.
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