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Employer News | March, 2015
Employer News | March, 2015

Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle During National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is "Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle." Nutrition is important all year long and many of us think about food all day long.

Food has many purposes to us besides nutrition. We use it as a way to relax, for comfort and for distraction. Also, eating and other sedentary behaviors go hand in hand; we habitually eat while we watch television. Then we watch food related commercials and go back to the kitchen for more.

If nighttime eating is a challenge for you, you are not alone. Many people are cautious all day, some overly so and then night time comes. For some, more calories are consumed after dinner than the rest of the day. To help you control your night time eating try this:

  • Sip on a cup of herbal tea. Put it in a special mug and slow down to enjoy it.
  • Find other activities to fill your time and avoid the mindless snacking. Take a class at night, get a good book to read, go for a walk or find a project around the house to work on.
  • Avoid eating while watching television.
  • Eat adequately during the day so you won’t be so hungry at night.
  • Your snack at night can help fill in the nutrition you still need for the day. Have a bowl of cereal with fat free milk and fruit or low calorie yogurt. Low fat popcorn is a whole grain.
  • If you do have a dessert, have a small piece on a nice dish. Sit down and eat it slowly while you truly enjoy it.

Please share these nutritional tips with your employees.

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