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Employer Update | November 2016
Employer Update | November 2016

Translation Services Overview for Brokers

As part of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, new regulations have taken effect ensuring access to translation services for consumers. There are many components of the regulation all focused on providing consumers with the opportunity to receive documentation from their health plan or third party administrator in languages in addition to English. 

We have established a partnership with a translation vendor to provide required services for our members. 

Below are some of the high-level requirements:

  • All significant documents from the health plan include an addendum that outlines the information and process for members to have these documents translated into one of the 15 required languages for New York.  These languages include:  Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French-Creole, Korean, Italian, Yiddish, Bengali, Polish, Arabic, French, Urdu, Tagalog, Greek and Albanian.  We will work with our translation partner to provide additional languages should a member require a language that is not listed above. 
  • In addition, the addendum outlines the right of the member to file a grievance if s/he believes the health plan has failed to provide these services or been discriminatory in any other way on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.  
  • All websites are updated with information outlining the availability of the above-referenced translation services.  Documents attached on the website also include the addendum outlined above. 
  • All health plan locations accessible to members have the addendum posted prominently in view as a reminder that materials may be requested in languages other than English and to alert visitors to non-discrimination notices.

Our health plan has implemented and complied with the requirements above including Medicare, Medicaid, Fully-Insured and Self-Funded businesses.  In fact, translation services have been offered to our members for several years.  We will continue to work to ensure that all members are:

  1. Aware they can access translation services
  2. Are provided materials in the language(s) specified. 

Requests for translated services should be submitted to your Broker or Account Services Representatives.

Download the Full Tagline and Notice Document (PDF)

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Language Assistance and Non-Discrimination Notice

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