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Client Consulting

Better Partnerships through Better Information
We're committed to creating meaningful partnerships with brokers that help employers understand and maximize health plan value. Client Consulting provides data that facilitates an understanding of health plan experience, and provides a basis for targeting and evaluating improvement opportunities.

  1. Reporting Options for Small Groups
    Groups with at least 50 contracts can receive Utilization Based Reports.  Utilization Based Reports exclude most group financial data, and are designed for groups whose financial data is not used to develop their rates.  However, many other measures related to demographics, diagnosis prevalence, and utilization are included.  In addition, groups with a rewards component to their benefit plan can receive Rewards Scorecards to track monthly participation.

  2. Reporting Options for Large Groups
    Claims-based accounts and experience-rated groups with 100+ contracts, along with their brokers of record, are eligible to access Information Connection. Information Connection is a leading edge online reporting environment that includes several components, all designed to help clients evaluate their health care experience, assess benefit options, and identify actionable areas of improvement. If you're the broker of record for one or more eligible accounts, ask your account representative how you can obtain access.  
    • Dashboard – This view is updated monthly, and shows key cost and utilization metrics for both the group and a broader comparison population. 24 month trend charts for each measure are also included in order to provide a longer term perspective.
    • Scheduled Reports – Depending on plan design and funding, several reports are available on a scheduled basis. These reports can be customized for specific plans or populations within a group, and appear automatically on data load, generally within the first 10 business days of a month.
      • Health Plan Management Report – This approximately 20 page narrative report provides an overview of financial and utilization trends (including demographic and high claimant impact), as well as opportunities related to health management and consumerism.
      • At a Glance – This one page table report provides a quick look at prior, current, and comparison data for several key metrics. 
      • High Cost Claimants – This report is often delivered in Excel, and includes most costly diagnosis, total plan cost, and engagement with health management programs (utilization management, case management, and disease management) for all claimants above a specified threshold.
      • Medical Utilization Report – This approximately 50 page report is a comprehensive, table-style report covering many aspects of costs and utilization.
      • Rewards Scorecard – For groups with a rewards component to their benefit plan, this monthly report tracks several measures of member participation.
      • Financial Reports – These reports are delivered as Excel spreadsheets, and include a paid incurred triangle report, a claim vs. premium report, and enrollment by contract tier.
    • Data Cube – Data cubes are also updated monthly, and provide on demand, ad hoc reporting capabilities. Several pre-built cube views are available addressing costs and enrollment, health management, and consumerism, and new reports can be created using a comprehensive menu of claims information (diagnosis codes, procedure codes, provider specialty, etc.). All reports can be saved to refresh monthly, and can be viewed online or downloaded to Excel.
    • Information Consultant – Claims-based accounts and experience-rated groups with 100+ contracts are eligible for a personal information consultant as well. Information Consultants provide a single point of contact for data and reporting needs, as well as dedicated support and personal consultation. Information Consulting is staffed by a diverse mix of professionals, with backgrounds including advanced training and experience in actuarial sciences, nursing, public health, health services research, business, and employee benefits.
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