Community Conversations on Compassionate Care

CCCC is an award-winning program that combines storytelling with "Five Easy Steps" to promote conversations that help you complete your Health Care Proxy and Living Will.

Five Easy Steps

  1. Learn about Advance Directives
  2. Remove Barriers
  3. Motivate Yourself
  4. Complete Your Health Care Proxy and Living Will
    • Have conversations with Your Family and Health Care Provider
    • Choose the Right Health Care Agent
    • Discuss Your Values, Beliefs and What is Important to You
    • Understand Life-Sustaining Treatment
    • Share Copies of Your Completed Advance Directives
  5. Review and Update

The Advance Care Planning Booklet is an easy-to-use manual that will guide you through the Advance Care Planning process using the Five Easy Steps. The booklet provides a Health Care Proxy and Living Will form as well as the information necessary to ensure that your wishes will be carried out based on your previously discussed values and beliefs.

Visit the Compassion and Support Video Library to view an array of videos illustrating stories from real patients and families that explain the benefits of the Advance Care Planning process using Five Easy Steps.