We take our responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously, "giving back" to the communities where we work and live. It's part of our mission.

In addition to providing excellent health care insurance coverage for thousands of Western New Yorkers, we help to improve the overall quality of life for people who reside in our communities.

Supporting our communities during the pandemic

Univera Healthcare and its Rochester-based parent health plan provided $600,000 in financial support to food banks and food pantries across upstate New York as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The ability to earn a paycheck and feed a family are at risk for many people because of the coronavirus and its impact on the economy,” said Univera Healthcare President Art Wingerter. “A growing number of people in our community are facing food insecurity. Good health begins with good food. We saw an opportunity to help by supporting food banks and food pantries that are under pressure because of the increased need in our communities.” 


Univera’s COVID-19 response includes major donations to food banks

$100,000 payment to the WNY Communit


Handing out resources to those in need

Dropping off resources for those in need

Univera Healthcare and it’s Rochester-based parent health plan have funneled more than $1 million worth of grants for testing supplies and personal protective equipment to Upstate hospitals and area health care workers. The health plan is also working with regional business groups to help employers and their employees return to work.

No one has faced a public health crisis like COVID-19 in the almost 90 years that the health plan has provided coverage in upstate New York. This crisis requires a strong and comprehensive response to assure members are able to receive the care they need and to help assure the system will survive. The pandemic significantly impacted the economy, sickened tens of thousands of people, and continues to threaten upstate health care.

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Support for You and Your Community

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